URI Master Gardener Association (URIMGA)

Master Gardener Association

By joining the URI Master Gardener Association (MGA) you will continue your horticultural education and be involved with the exciting public outreach program. The URIMGA, volunteer arm of the Master Gardener Program, has a mission of:

  1. Education: Master Gardeners share their knowledge and expertise with the public by offering a wide variety of educational opportunities.
  2. Outreach: Master Gardeners extend their knowledge of, and interest in, gardening and related topics through a variety of community projects and activities.
  3. Sustainability: Master Gardeners follow sustainable gardening and environmental practices.

In existence since 1983, the URIMGA has grown steadily in membership – to more than 600 – and in community involvement. Master Gardeners contribute thousands of volunteer hours to numerous projects (more than 30,000 in 2008), including historic gardens, demonstration vegetable gardens, the RI Flower Show, children's programs, plant propagation, seminars, Hotline, and information kiosks at fairs and other events throughout the state.

The Mallon Outreach Center and the URIMGA work together to provide graduates of the Master Gardener Training Program with outreach and educational opportunities to extend to Rhode Island citizens.

As a member of URIMGA you can attend member meetings (four per year, plus the annual meeting). You will have access to the URIMGA Website where postings keep members up to date on Association and other gardening activities around the state. The website also keeps members abreast of volunteer and educational opportunities. Periodically there are trips and events designed especially for URIMGA members. But the best benefit is the friendship and great learning experience you will have with this group of individuals who share your interests, a passion for gardening, and stewardship of the environment.